Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowpocalypse ATL 2011

As the new semester started to creep up on the lazy days of my winter  break from KSU, I couldn't help but dread the approaching stress of the Spring semester. It's a feeling that every student endures after the excitement of the new year starts to fade. It's unpleasant and completely unavoidable. Just as I was starting to feel the increasing anxiety, I turned on the news one morning as I drank my routine cup of coffee only to find out that Atlanta was about to be hit with one of the worst winter storms we've had in years, what came to be known as Atlanta's "Snowpocalypse." 
Although I knew this storm would mean a few days stuck inside with the chance of a food shortage, power outages, and boredom, I couldn't help but be a little excited that my start day for the new semester would be pushed back. I ended up being snowed in with my best friend, Colleen,at her parents house in the northern part of the state and we enjoyed our days off with t.v., movies, board games, sledding, food, and lots and lots of wine. We soon realized it may not have been the best idea to drive up there the night before the storm, but by then there was nothing we could do. So we made the best of the situation and did what we could to keep ourselves entertained. My favorite idea that we came up with was trying to sled down an icy hill with a black Labrador, Ellie, as our passenger. Needless to say, Ellie did not like that idea and freaked out about 5 seconds in. We got a good laugh out of it though, which seems most important since Cabin Fever was starting to kick in. 
After 3 days of staying at Colleen's parents house, we finally decided to attempt our adventure back to Atlanta. Colleen drove because she had more experience driving in icy conditions. We made it back in 2 hours and I only had a few minor panic attacks, which I believe to be a great accomplishment. The rest of my week was spent inside my apartment with my cat and the t.v. After a week of dealing with snow and ice, Cabin Fever was finally taking its toll on me. I had to get out, even if it meant going to class.
Just like the winter break, the snow came and went, and I was forced to return to Kennesaw to begin the new semester. I signed up for a full load and I work so as one could imagine, I have not been looking forward to this semester. I came to class the following Wednesday after the snow days, and nearly every single one of my professors began to explain the revised syllabus they had to make due to the inclement weather. After explaining that, they all said, "Be prepared to work this semester, we have no time to waste." Those are just the words every student wants to hear. Although my professors all seem nice and understanding, I am very anxious to see how this semester will turn out and how much stress I may need to prepare myself for.  The "Snowpocalypse" may have given me more time to add to my winter break, but now, as with most suspicious gifts, I get to see all the strings that were attached. 

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